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My Name is D.J. Waitman and I am your Athletic Director and PE Coach for the 2019-2020 school year. I am a graduate of Alemany High School class of 2011 and got my degree from Northern Arizona University in Elementary Education in 2015. This is my 4th year as Athletic Director and 5th year total at Lourdes. I am excited to get these kids up and active and having fun! 
Grading for PE in all grades is based off of participation, effort, and dress code. With the occasional assignment based off of completion and submission (middle school only). If you show up, give it your all, and are overall a good classmate to your peers, there is no reason why you won't succeed in PE. 
  • Athletic Style Shoes are Mandatory (boots, vans are not acceptable equipment) please check the school handbook for more clarification
  • Water 
  • Skirts are not acceptable PE attire. 
Looking for Athletics information? Click the tab on the right side of homepage. 
See You Around, 
Coach Waitman 

Recent Posts

Spring Sports Awards/Uniform Return

First of all, Id like to congratulate all of our spring season athletes on another great season here at OLL. We represented the OLL community well all season long. Can't wait till next year! 
With that being said here are some end of year announcements: 
Spring Sports Awards
The Spring Sports Awards will be held Thursday, May 30th @ 1:30pm in Stroup Hall for grades 3-8. Track and Field members will also be recognized and if you won a medal or ribbon from May 4th or May 11th you will be receiving it then. 
Uniform Return
This year I am asking to please return all uniforms your child may have (Football, Girls Volleyball, Boys/Girls Basketball Jerseys{same as Boys Volleyball Jerseys}, Softball, and Track) washed and folded neatly in a ziplock bag preferably, but any bag will do. I am also asking to please write your child's name on the bag with a marker so I can easily Identify who has turned in their uniforms. I understand some people have returned uniforms throughout the school year, if you know your child has already turned in their uniform just have them remind me when I come by that morning. 
Here are the dates that I will be coming by in the morning to their classrooms to pick up the uniforms. 
3rd(Track)-5th Grades: Monday, May 20th
6th-8th Grades: Tuesday, May 21st
If you have misplaced a uniform, or fail to turn one in, the school will be asking for a $25 check to replace it.
Have a Great Weekend,
Coach Waitman 

Sports Schedule for the Week of 5/13

A big congratulations is in order to our A1 volleyball team for finishing league play with a 5-0 record and the #1 seed of the Mid Valley Division. We also need to congratulate our Girls A softball team for clinching the 2 seed in the division and securing their spot in the semi finals. Depending on what happens today with our A2 team, who is in a tie-breaker scenario, we have a chance to have all of our A teams qualify for playoffs! Here is the tentative sports schedule for next week: 
A1 Volleyball
5/13 practice 3:15-4:30pm
5/15 playoff game vs TBD 3:30pm @ OLL
**5/16 Semi-Final vs TBD 3:30pm @ TBD**
**5/17 Championship Game vs TBD @ Crespi HS** (time TBD)
A2 Volleyball
**If we are to win the tie-breaker games today, this is what the schedule would look like. If we lose then unfortunately the season is over and there will be no events.**
**5/14 playoff game vs TBD 3:30pm @ TBD**
**5/15 playoff game vs TBD 3:30pm @ TBD**
**5/16 Semi-Final vs TBD 3:30pm @ TBD**
**5/17 Championship Game vs TBD @ Crespi HS** (time TBD)
Girls A Softball
5/13 practice 3:15-5pm
5/15 Semi Final vs St Ferdinand 3:30pm @ Las Palmas Park
**5/17 Championship Game vs TBD 4pm @ VCAA**
Boys B Volleyball
5/13 practice 3:15-4:15
5/14 game vs SJE @ SJE 3:30pm
Girls B Softball
5/13 practice 3:15-4:30pm
5/14 game vs St B 3:30pm @ OLL
(**) if necessary
Have a Great Weekend and Go Crusaders!!!!
Coach Waitman 

Sports Schedule for the Week of 5/6

A1 Volleyball
5/6 practice 3:15-4:30pm
5/8 practice 3:15-4:30pm
5/9 game vs St Rose of Lima @ St Rose of Lima 3:30pm (2:30pm dismissal)
A2 Volleyball
Be looking out for a message from coach regarding practice schedule
5/8 game vs St Euphrasia @ St Euphrasia 3:30pm
A Softball
5/6 practice 3:15-5pm
5/7 game vs SJW @ OLL 3:30pm (Rescheduled from 5/16)
5/9 game vs St Cyril @ Balboa Sports Center 3:30pm
B Softball
5/6 practice 3:15-5pm
5/7 game vs St Cyril @ Balboa Sports Center 3:30pm
B Volleyball
5/6 practice 3:15-4:30pm
5/7 game vs Chaminade 3:30pm @ OLL 
5/8 practice 3:15-4:30pm 
Track and Field 
5/8 practice 3:15-4:15pm 
5/9 practice 3:15-4:15pm 
5/11 Track Meet @ Crespi HS 10am 

Sports Schedule for the Week of 4/15

Boys A1 Vball
4/15 practice 3:15-4:30pm
4/16 practice 3:15-4:30pm
Boys A2 Vball
4/17 scrimmage vs St Gens 3:30pm @ OLL
Girls A Softball
4/15 game vs St Paschal 7th 3:30pm @ OLL
4/16 practice 3:15-5pm (Coach has stated depending on how the girls play Monday, he may cancel Tuesday practice so make sure you check in with your child after the game) 
Girls B Softball
Nothing this week
Boys B Volleyball
4/15 practice 3:15-4:30pm
4/16 game vs Chaminade @ Chaminade MS 3:30pm
Track and Field
No practice next week, we will hit the ground running when we get back from Easter Break, to prepare for the May 4th meet. 

Sports Schedule for the Week of 4/8

Boys A1 Vball
4/8 practice 3:15-4:30pm
4/10 practice 3:15-4:30pm
4/11 game vs SJE 1 4:30pm @ OLL 
Boys A2 Vball 
4/11 game vs St Rose of Lima 3:30pm @ OLL
*Practices to be announced by Coach Walton via text
Girls A Softball
4/9 scrimmage vs Chaminade @ Chaminade MS 4:00pm 
4/11 game vs St Elisabeth 3:30pm @ OLL
Boys B Vball
4/8 practice 3:15-4:15pm
4/9 game vs St Genevieve 3:30pm @ OLL 
4/10 practice 3:15-4:15pm
Girls B Softball
4/8 practice 3:15-5pm
4/9 game vs SJE 3:30pm @ OLL
Track and Field
4/8 practice 7:30am-8:30am

Important Make Up Games/Scrimmages Added (A teams only)

Girls A Softball
The game that was rained out on 3/21 has been changed to Monday April 15th 3:30pm still at OLL. 
Boys A1 Vball
We have picked up another scrimmage game with St Genevieve, we will be playing them Tuesday, April 30th 3:30pm @ St Genevieve 
Boys A2 Vball
We have pick up a scrimmage game with St Genevieve, we will be playing them Wednesday, April 17th 3:30pm @ OLL.
All games/scrimmages have been added to the OLL sports calendar. 

Sports Schedule for the Week of 4/1

Here is the sports schedule for next week: 
Boys A1 Vball
4/1 practice 3:15-4:30pm
4/3 practice 3:15-4:30pm
4/4 game vs SJE 2 @ OLL 3:30pm
Boys A2 Vball
Practice days are TBD, be looking out for a separate email.
4/4 game vs SJE 2 @ 1st place sports complex 3:30pm
Boys B Vball
4/1 practice 3:15-4:15
4/2 game vs SJE 1 @ OLL 3:30pm
4/3 practice 3:15-4:15
Girls A Softball
4/1 practice 3:15-5pm
4/3 practice 3:15-5pm
4/4 game vs St Paschal 8th @ St Paschal 3:30pm
Girls B Softball
4/1 practice 3:15-5pm
4/2 game vs St Bernardine @ OLL 3:30pm
Track & Field
4/1 practice 7:30am-8:30am 

Sports Schedule for the Week of 3/25

Here is the sports schedule for next week: 
Boys A1 Vball
3/26 practice 3:15-4:30pm
3/27 game vs St Euphrasia @ St Euphrasia 3:30pm
3/28 practice 3:15-4:30
Boys A2 Vball
3/28 game vs SJE 2 @ OLL 3:30pm
Still waiting to hear back from coach regarding practice days
Girls A Softball
Since there is a B game at the school Tuesday, Coach Joe has asked to have a practice from 5:30pm-7pm on Tuesday to prepare for the game against St Mel.
Since this practice is scheduled for the evening there will not be any penalties if you can't make it. Coach Joe just asks you email him ( to let him know if you can/cannot make it and if there will be enough girls to hold practice. 
3/26 practice 5:30-7pm
3/27 game vs St Mel @ St Mel 3:30pm
3/28 practice 3:15-5pm
Girls B Softball
3/26 game vs St Didacus 3:30pm @ OLL
Boys B Vball
3/27 practice 3:15-4:15pm
3/29 practice 3:15-4:15pm
Practices will start this week, please remember if your child is playing softball/volleyball and track and field you should make softball/volleyball the priority and come to track practice when you can. 
3/27 practice 3:15-4:15
3/29 practice 3:15-4:15

Sports Schedule for the Week of 3/18

All teams schedules are posted on the right side of this page or the right side of the athletics page! 
Here is the schedule for next week: 
Boys A1 Volleyball
3/18 practice 3:15-4:30pm
3/19 practice 3:15-4:30pm
3/20 practice 3:15-4:30pm
3/21 scrimmage vs Chaminade @ Chaminade MS 3:30pm
Boys A2 Volleyball
3/20 practice 3:15-4:30pm
3/21 practice 3:15-4:30pm
Boys B Volleyball
3/18 practice 3:15-4:15pm
3/21 practice 3:15-4:15pm
Girls A Softball
3/18 practice 3:15-5pm
3/19 practice 3:15-5pm
3/21 game vs St Paschal 7th 3:30pm @ OLL
Girls B Softball
3/18 practice 3:15-5pm
Uniform tops will be passed out on gameday. Volleyball uniforms are the same from basketball season so if you played basketball and your team had a current uniform then that is what you will be using. If you played basketball but are not playing volleyball please have your child bring their jersey with them to school Monday. I will cross check the lists to see who played basketball but is not playing volleyball and come around to collect the uniforms so they can be passed out to the players that need one. 
Have a Great Weekend!

Practice Schedule for the Week of 3/11

Since most 7th and 8th graders will be in Washington D.C. next week, there will be no A Volleyball practices. A softball(the 6th graders) will be practicing. 
Boys B Vball
3/11 practice 3:15-4:30pm
3/13 practice 3:15-4:30pm
A & B Softball
3/11 practice 3:15-5pm
3/12 practice 3:15-5pm
3/14 practice 3:15-5pm

Volleyball/Softball Sports Schedule for the Week of 3/4

We will be starting with volleyball and softball practices next week. Which means the following forms can be turned in along with the $75 check made payable to Our Lady of Lourdes School:
Here are the practice schedules for next week:
Boys A1 Vball(8th grade team) Coach: Brian Young
3/4 practice 3:15-4:30pm
3/7 practice 3:15-4:30pm
Boys A2 Vball(7th grade team) Coach: Jodi Walton
3/5 practice 3:15-4:30pm
3/7 practice 3:15-4:30pm
Boys B Vball (4th-6th grade team)Coach: Hanna Larkin
3/4 practice 3:15-4:30pm
Softball Update
This year we had approximately 30 girls sign up between 4th-8th grade, which means we will be having a B team of 4th/5th graders and an A team of 6th-8th graders. However, practices will be held as one team. 
B Softball team(4th-5th grade)
Please do not turn in any paperwork or payment until I have confirmed there will be enough teams to have a B league season, in years past the number of B team schools has been very low, there is a chance that there will not be enough teams to have a full season. If that is the case then unfortunately the 4th grade girls will not be able to participate in softball games this season and the two 5th grade girls will join the A team. I will have more information after Monday night as that is when the league wide AD meeting is. If we are able to have a B team then you will be practicing with the A team so look out for the dates below!
A Softball team (6th-8th grade)Coach: Joe Allegretti
3/7 practice 3:15-5pm
3/8 practice 3:15-5pm
Track and Field
I will hopefully have more information regarding track meets/payment after my meeting on March 4th. Please hold off on turning in payment. 

Sports Schedule for the Week of 2/25

We finish up this basketball season with a couple of B events next week. Sports Awards Ceremony information will be available at the beginning of next week so stay tuned for that. 
Girls B Bball
2/25 game vs DLS @ DLS 3:30pm
Boys B2 & B3
2/25 scrimmage 3:30pm @ OLL - uniforms are not required just where a t-shirt and shorts this will be a laid back and hopefully fun way to end the season. We will not be keeping score.

Playoff/Practice Schedule for the Week of 2/18

Congratulations to all of our Basketball teams on another successful season all around. A shout out is in order for our Boys A1 Basketball team who finished the regular season undefeated and will be the #1 seed out of the Mid Valley Division. Additionally, we also need to give a shout out to our Girls A team for finishing league in 2nd place and advancing to the playoffs as well! 
With all of that being said, I hope to see many of our young Crusaders out at the playoff games next week! Unfortunately, the league is still getting together the final standings and setting up the playoff brackets, which is impeding my process of getting the information to you in a more timely manner. So I will be sharing with you the information I have available and updating this post once things have been finalized. So please check back over the weekend for any updates I may have posted. 
Here is the Sports Schedule: 
Boys A1 Bball
I am currently in the process of finding us a gym to play in. Unfortunately Northridge is unavailable to us the days we'd need it so for now the location is TBD. 
2/19 practice 3:15-4:30pm
2/20 Playoff game vs West Valley #3 3:30pm @ Chatsworth Park South (22360 Devonshire St, Chatsworth, CA 91311)
**2/21 Semi-Final vs TBD 3:30pm (Location TBD)**
**2/22 Championship Game vs TBD 6:30pm St Genevieve HS**
Girls A Bball
2/19 practice 3:15-4:30pm
2/20 Playoff game vs St Genevieve 3:30pm @ St Genevieve HS
**2/21 Semi-Final vs TBD 3:30pm @ TBD**
**2/22 Championship Game vs TBD 5pm @ St Genevieve HS**
Girls B Bball
The 6th graders have been invited to join the A team for playoffs! So if your daughter is interested in being on the team for playoffs please make sure to refer to the Girls A schedule and check in with Coach Peay. 
2/22 practice 3:15-4:15pm
Boys B2 & B3
Since we have playoff games going on next week, we will wait to do the scrimmage, I plan on having a final scrimmage between B2 and B3 on Monday 2/25 @ 3:30pm

Sports Schedule for the Week of 2/11

A1 BBall
2/12 practice 3:15-4:30pm
2/13 game vs SJE 1 3:30pm @ 1st place sports complex
2/14 game vs DLS 2 3:30pm @ Petit Park(Granada Hills Rec Center)
A2 Bball
2/12 game vs St Euphrasia 3:30pm @ St Euphrasia
2/14 game vs Chaminade 3:30pm @ Chaminade MS
Girls A Bball
2/12 game vs Chaminade 3:30pm @ Northridge Rec Center 
2/13 practice 3:15-4:30pm
2/14 game vs DLS 3:30pm *1st place sports complex*
(*) not yet confirmed I will send a message once it is set in stone.
B1 Bball
2/8-2/10 SJW Tournament- Check in with Coach Smith for Details.
2/11 practice 3:15-4:30pm
2/13 practice 3:15-4:30pm
2/15 game vs Incarnation 3:45pm @ 214 W. Fairview Ave. Glendale, CA
B2 Bball
2/12 game vs DLS 1 3:30pm @ OLL
B3 Bball
The season has come to an end, however, we are going to try and scrimmage the fifth grade team the week of the 18th for one final chance to get out there and have some fun.
Girls B Bball
2/11 game vs DLS 2 3:30pm @ OLL 
2/14 game vs Chaminade 4:30pm @ Chaminade MS 
2/15 practice 3:15-4:15pm