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Mrs. Andrews, a 5th grade STEM certified teacher, has been a member of the Our Lady of Lourdes faculty since 1998.  She is a proud parent of an Our Lady of Lourdes student.
Mrs. Andrews  is a graduate of St. Mel Elementary School, Louisville High School, CSUN, and Loyola Marymount University.


Recent Posts

Weeks of December 10 and 17

Our Lady of Lourdes has amazing kids, but they have an even more amazing 5th grade!  I am out for lunch duty on Friday afternoons, and one day about a month ago, when circling the tables, there were a group of 5th grade girls feverishly chattering and working on menus.  When I asked what they were up to, they said with such excitement that they were going to have a lemonade stand with snacks!  But, it was that simple, and that sweet.  I didn't think much of it, other than this was true childhood at its best.  I watched with joy as they talked about cookies and lemonade recipes.  That was really the last I saw or heard of it, until Friday afternoon when flyers appeared to be passed out.  They took the initiative and saw it through.  Never in my wildest imagination, did I foresee what they built and created!  I am so proud of our 5th graders and all who participated in and/or supported their bakery and fundraising efforts!  They proudly handed over a check to Kids' Club (their primary beneficiary) for $360!  They truly are examples of what this Advent season is all about!
I hope your Advent gifts are slowly filling up with straw to prepare a place for the birth of baby Jesus!
Please see Mr. Brough's email (dated 12/9) regarding concert times, pick ups, and carline.
Tuesday 12/11:  Alemany Choir performance
Wednesday 12/12: Mass @ 9:00 (Mass Uniform)
                               Early lunch @ 12:00 pm
Thursday 12/13:  Early lunch @ 12:00 pm
Friday 12/14:  Students must come to school in their Christmas concert clothes
                       Early lunch at 12:00 pm
                       Concert performances at 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm
Monday 12/17:  Southeast States Packet due (test on January 14)
Tuesday 12/18:
Wednesday 12/19:  Christmas Spirit Day!!!  Please see email regarding dress!
                                Dismissal @ 12:30
School resumes on Tuesday, January 8th
1/14  Southeast States Test
1/17  Field trip to the Soraya
1/21  No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Week of November 26

Nov. 11/26 - 11/30 is casual dress week!
If you have a shoebox at home, please bring it in to class by Thursday.
Wednesday, 11/28:  Report Cards come home.  Please keep your copy of all of the papers included in the report card envelope, including the report card.  Sign and return the envelope by Friday.
Thursday, 11/29:  Scholastic News due
Friday, 11/30:  Midwest States Test
                        Unit 5 Spelling Test
                        Fluency due
Sunday, 12/2:  Advent Begins!
Monday, 12/3:  5th grade will be reading at the 9:00 am Mass
                         Vocabulary pages  46-53 due today
Wednesday, 12/5:  Twas the Night Before Christmas lines memorized by today
Thursday, 12/6:  Soraya Field Trip
                           Scholastic News due
Friday, 12/7:  First Friday Mass
                      Fall Sports Awards Presentation
                      Fluency Due

Up and Coming (11/14 - 11/30)

Friday, 11/16:  Midwest States Packet due
                        Unit 4 Vocabulary Test
                        Book orders are due by 6pm tonight
If you place your book orders later than 6pm, they will be pushed to a later order date in January.  This is a great opportunity to get some Christmas gifts!  If you are ordering something that is a gift, please let me know, and I can hold it for you and not give the secret away!  There are some great deals, and with every $25 you spend, you get $5 in free books.  There are way more options online, than are in the flyer, so take a look!  Your child brought home the flyers last week!
For all of you Black Friday shoppers, we will be wearing nice Christmas dress (no jeans) for our Christmas concert!
Looking ahead...
Nov. 11/26 - 11/30 is casual dress week!
Wednesday, 11/28:  Report Cards come home
Friday, 11/30:  Midwest States Test
                        Unit 5 Spelling Test
Sunday, 12/2:  Advent Begins!

Week of October 29

This is show what you know week! 
All trimester we have been practicing in class on a daily basis how to annotate our reading, color code our questions and texts, and write a complete sentence by including the question in our answer.  These are the basic requirements for all reading/writing assignments.  This week, students are to practice these skills at home and show what they know!
Each day this week, students will be receiving a small reading passage for them highlight, annotate, and answer comprehension questions about the passage.  There will be a separate grammar review page.
Monday:  Reading and Grammar passages
                Memorize your Great American Speech
                Nightly 60 second fluency sent home - due Friday
Tuesday:  Reading and Grammar passages
Wednesday:  Parish Family Saint prayer service - 5:30 pm - all students in attendance will receive a homework pass for the evening.
                      Reading and Grammar passages
Thursday:  Great American Wax Museum - students should come to school dressed for their presentation
                  Reading & Grammar passages
Friday:  NOON (12:00) Dismissal
             Unit 4 Spelling Test
             Fluency Due
Looking ahead...
Monday:  NO SCHOOL
Tuesday:  Vocabulary pages 38-43 due today
Friday:  Vocabulary Unit 4 Test
             Midwest States packet due
Midwest States Test Friday, Nov. 30

Week of October 29

Monday:  No School
Wednesday:  Halloween Spirit Day
                      Dismissal @ 12:30
                      Students should not bring their backpacks to school today!
Thursday:  All Saints Day Mass @ 9:00
                  Mass uniform is NOT mandatory
Friday:  First Friday Mass @ 9:00
             Mass uniform is required and don't forget a can of food for MEND
Looking ahead...
STAR Testing all week.  Please eat a good breakfast, sleep well, and arrive at school on time.
Monday 11/5:  Sacramentals Test
Wednesday 11/7:  Parish Pizza & Prayer @ 5:30 (No HW for those who attend)
Thursday 11/8:  Great American Wax Museum @ 8:30 - please be in the 5th grade classroom @8:30 for instructions on how the morning will work.
Friday 11/9:  12:00 Dismissal (please NOTE the change in time)
                     Unit 4 Spelling Test

Festival has arrived!

Festival Starts THIS weekend! Can you believe it?! I know everyone is excited, and now is a good time to just remember a few safety and "fun" tips!
Parents, please read these with your child and discuss before the festival begins.
1. Be alert all the time. If someone approaches you that you do not know, go tell an adult. There are a lot of people walking around that you may not know, but you need to be cautious of anyone who doesn't "feel right" to you. If something looks suspicious, report it to an adult.
2. Look out for each other. In the rush of excitement and running around, be careful of those not running around you, of little kids who are smaller than you and less visible, the elderly, of wires on the ground, etc...
3. Choose a meeting spot with your parents. If you get separated, or decide on a time to meet, choose a place to meet for the whole family. Make sure everyone knows where this is.
4. Remember that your teachers are all there to have fun too, and not to get silly stringed, etc... Please be respectful of their time at the festival and have fun together!
5. Don't forget that going to Mass is still important! If you can be at school all weekend to play and have fun, you can take an hour out of your day to thank God for all he has given you this weekend!
6. HAVE FUN! No doubt this is one of the most exciting weekends we have at OLL, so have a great, safe and fun time!
7. Remember to be kind and courteous each other, those working rides and booths, and serving you food. We are OLL Crusader representatives at all times.
Thank you for supporting our school with your time and talents!
See you at the Festival!
Mrs. Andrews

October 22-25 Important Dates

Monday:  Mixed Up Monday
                Southwest States Packet due today
Tuesday:  Team Tuesday
                 Vocabulary pages 34-35
Wednesday:  Pajama Day!
                      Southwest States Test today
                      Buddy book order due today
Thursday:  Your favorite decade day!
                  Angelus Test today
Friday:  Future Day
             12:30 Dismissal
              Units 1-3 Vocabulary Review Test
Looking ahead....
Monday 10/29:  No School
Wednesday 10/31:  Halloween & 12:30 Dismissal
Thursday 11/1:  All Saints Day Mass (Mass uniform)
Friday 11/2:  First Friday Mass (Mass Uniform)
Monday 11/5:  Sacramentals Test (study guide given on 10/22)

October 15-19 Important Dates

Wear Pink accessories all week!  Bring in $2 to support Stand Up to Cancer and be able to wear all pink on Friday!
Tuesday: 12:30 Dismissal
                Family Morning Prayer @ 6:45 am
                Parent Teacher Conferences in the Moran Center - See you there!
                Leadership project due for Mr. M
Wednesday:  Great American project day - please be here and on time!
Thursday:  12:30 Dismissal
                   Unit 1 Religion Test
Friday:  Chapter 3 Vocabulary Test
Coming up...
Vocabulary Units 1-3 Review Test - Friday, October 26
Sacramentals Test - Friday, November 2

October 8-12 Important Dates

Monday:  Trip to CSUN (please bring a small snack to carry)
Wednesday:  Unit 1: Sentences Grammar Assessment & West Region States Test
Friday:  1.5 Religion chapter Quiz & Spelling Unit 3 Test
              Last day to place Scholastic Book Orders
Don't forget our pre-sale ride tickets/wristband goal!  Orders must be placed by October 15th.

This week's important dates

Monday:  Chapter 2 vocabulary pages are due today
Tuesday:  Say cheese!  Picture Day!
Thursday:  Chapter 4 Religion Quiz today
Friday:  Chapter 2 Vocabulary Test today
             Mass uniform today
             Weekly Fluency due today
             West Region packet is due  
Looking ahead...
Book Orders are due October 12.  Class code is GW6WC.

This week's important dates

West Region State packets went home last week!
Tuesday:  PTO Meeting - Social @ 6, Meeting @ 6:30
                 Science classwork from last week due today
Thursday:  Chapter 3 Religion Quiz today
Friday:  Chapter 2 Spelling Test today
             Mass uniform today
             Monthly Integrity calendar due
             Weekly Fluency due today
Monday, October 1:  Chapter 2 Vocabulary pages are due today
Looking ahead...
Book Orders were sent home Friday.  They are due October 12.  Class code is GW6WC.
Picture Day is Tuesday, October 2.
West Region packet is due on Friday, October 5.  (Instructions are written out on the Social Studies webpage)
Field Trip to CSUN is Monday, October 8.  We will seeing the Soweto Gospel choir.
West Region States test is Wednesday, October 10.

Social Studies West Region Study directions

State Study packet due to be checked in class on Friday, October 5
West Region State Test Wednesday, October 10
1.  West Region is to be colored green (pages 1-5)
2.  Spelling must be correct on all pages
3.  Individual states (pages 7-17) may be colored individual colors
4.  Fill in the boxes (the answers are in the packet)
5.  Memorize for the test:  Where each state is, the capital, and how to spell each state and capital)
6.  Choose ONE state from this region to memorize the box of information.

This week's important dates

Thank you for turning in all of your permission slips on time!  You are all amazing!!!
I officially submitted all book orders  Sunday night.  They should be shipped within the week.  New book orders will be sent home soon!
Tuesday:  Morning prayer in Moran Center @ 6:45 am
Thursday:  Religion Chapter 2 Quiz (use your notes to study...hint hint!)
Friday:  Vocabulary Unit 1 test & Fluency due 
Great American book read and notes taken by Friday, September 21.
Monthly Integrity calendar due Friday, September 28