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Mr. Gallagher, Vice Principal of Technology and Student Affairs and STEM Certified Science teacher has been a member of the Lourdes parish community since 1998 and a school staff member since 2000.  During his tenure, Mr. Gallagher has been a classroom Aide, Math and Science Teacher, and Academic Decathlon Coach.  
Mr. Gallagher is a graduate of Crespi Carmelite High School, CSUN, and Loyola Marymount University.


Recent Posts

Wednesday Test

Just a reminder (7th & 8th Grade) that our test/evaluation/assessment is on Wednesday (11/7).
This should not be a surprise to anyone as it has been announced, reminded, and on the board for well over a week.

Also, I will be off campus this week with the 6th graders on the Science Camp Trip.  Grades will be entered when I return.  Please be patient as I will have a lot to grade.
Happy week to everyone,
Mr. G

Outdoor Science Camp Week

Hi 6th grade families,
Just a reminder that students need to be at school at 6:45am Tuesday (11/6).  We will be loading the bus by 7am and departing about 7:20am.  We need to beat the 7:30 car line gate opening.
We will be returning on Friday (11/9) probably between 2pm-3pm.  I will be updating the school office of our departure time and ETA.
This will be an exciting adventure for the class and I am sure their return will be filled with many exciting stories.
See you Tuesday,
Mr. Gallagher

Week of 10/1/18

This week in science...
6th Grade will continue to branch out in our study on the growth of organisms.  This is a shorter section, so the expected assessment date for this scope is 10/10.
7th Grade will be mixing it up on several hands-on activities and demonstrations related to the Properties of Physical and Chemical Changes. The planned assessment date for this scope is 10/16.
8th Grade will continue digging into our organic history through the Fossil Record. As this is a shorter section our expected assessment date for this scope is 10/10
Once the hands-on activities are completed in each scope I will publish additional study materials on STEMScopes and Google Classroom.

First Science Class

We will have our first class meeting on Tuesday.
I look forward to an exciting year.
Have a great first week of school.