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Kids Club


Extended Care Program 2019-2020 Academic Year

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School



Our Lady of Lourdes School is pleased to offer Kids’ Club to parents of students

enrolled at our school. The purpose of this program is to provide a high quality,

affordable program in a safe, wholesome and caring environment for its students before

and/or after school hours. Since the program is an extension of the school day, its

design is supportive of the policies and procedures stated in the Parent-Student




The Program is offered to all students Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade

who are currently enrolled in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School.



Kids’ Club is offered only when school is in session. Kids’ Club afternoon care is not

offered on Friday, October 18th (Festival), Friday, December 20th (Christmas Break), and

Friday, June 12th (Summer Break).

Morning Program Hours 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.

Afternoon Program Hours Dismissal - 6:00 p.m.



Annual Registration Fee – Parents/Guardians shall pay a non-refundable annual

registration fee of $30 per child on the enrollment date. This payment shall apply to

the ten-month school year.

Method of Payment – Payments for the program will be billed through FACTS.

Families without a FACTS account will be billed via Square.

Kids’ Club Tuition – Kids’ Club tuition is based on an annual subscription. The cost

reflects 10 months of service, including consideration for abbreviated months.

Annual Tuition for Kids’ Club

1 Student 2 Students 3 Students

Morning $715 $880 $1,100

Afternoon $1,815 $2,145 $2,530

Drop-In Rates

Morning Drop-In: $10/student

Afternoon Drop-In*: $15/per hour + per student

Late Pick-Up Fee

First occurrence $20

Second occurrence $30

Third occurrence referral for withdrawal

*Afternoon Drop-In Rate also applies to students who are not picked up in car line

which ends 15 minutes after school is dismissed.

Accounts in delinquency with two missed payments may be suspended

resulting in the requirement of pre-payment of fees and/or dismissal of

the student.



Kids’ Club is an extension of the regular school day. The same expectations for

cooperation by students and parents are expected. All school rules apply to Kids’ Club.

Families who consistently violate policies and procedures of Kids’ Club will be

dismissed from the program by the principal.

Parent Responsibilities include:

• Support for program policies and procedures

• Cooperation with Sign In/Sign Out Procedures

• Collaboration with Kids’ Club Staff

• Meeting all financial obligations in a timely manner

Student Responsibilities include:

• Respect for all staff, students and property

• Use of appropriate language and voice level

• Keeping the day care room clean and neat

• Consideration for others – sharing, taking turns, etc.

• Asking permission of staff for restroom use

• Remaining inside Kids’ Club areas and staying with the group

• Following Kids’ Club Rules



All students must be signed in/out by a parent/guardian or an authorized adult (18 years

of age or older) indicated on their emergency form.

For morning care, parents/guardians must accompany students to Kids’ Club and sign

their student(s) in.

For after school care, students in TK and Kinder will be walked to Kids’ Club and will be

signed in by Kids’ Club staff. Grades 1-8 will be dismissed to walk to Kids’ Club at the

3:00 p.m. bell. Students who have after school activities that will be attending Kids’

Club afterwards must sign in at Kids’ Club prior to the activity.

Parents/guardians must sign their student(s) out at Kids’ Club with the appropriate time.

Students will not be dismissed to their parent’s/guardian’s car without being signed




Kids’ Club will receive a copy of the student’s emergency form. Please update any

names, phone numbers, and medical alerts (allergies/illnesses) to the school office and

to Kids’ Club in writing.

If student shows signs of illness or is injured during Kids’ Club, the parents/guardian will

be notified immediately.